Tuesday, 18 November 2014

He is..my Vin.Didn't get up early because I'm still a bit doddery, so he brings me my rice cake to bed. What a star. Then he gets his list ready and off he goes to Tesco for a few top up things. Came back with all sorts. he is now getting good at getting other things that aren't on the list but he sees and thinks will be useful. I did ask him to get a quorn cottage pie, but he said there weren't any on the shelf. So he asked a bloke in case they had some in the back. The "chiller" man did come out with one but said that unfortunately they had been withdrawn from sale. Apparently something wrong with the packaging and some may have lasagne in them which is not gluten free! So that's it. Anyway we did have one in the freezer so that was ok. He did get some Tassimo pods though which are on offer and about a pound off so that goes in our stock. Must tell Jane about those. Nice coffees when he got home. I had a cafe Hag and he had I think it was an intenso?
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie,
carrots and butternut squash

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