Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Bonfire Night...

November the Fifth already. Doesn't time fly, now it will be all systems go until Christmas!
vin has started the preparations already. he arranged for the chimney sweep to come today at twelve o'clock which he did pretty promptkly too. that meant covering all the furniture with the dist sheets, and moving all of the clutter. He was gone fairly quickly, and Vin said there was a load of ash deposit from the chimney. in fact he had to give him a bin bag to collect it al in. So now he is putting things straight. Only thing is that he won't let  me do anything because he says I'll trip over things etc., Grrr. Wish I had more energy though hate him doing everything. Well done Vin XXX
Jane has sent us a Christmas present today. It is a beautiful Yankee candle advent calendar. You open a new window every day in December and you get five different flavours of tealights. What a lovely surprise that was Bless her.  So thoughtful, and just up our street.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn cottage pie,
gravy and mushrooms for vin
carrots broccoli and green beans.

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