Friday, 21 November 2014

Little Rusty R.I.P.

We are very sad indeed in our house today. last night little Rusty died in her sleep, and when we went to bed at about half past twelve she was in her basket sleeping and looking really peaceful. vin got up at around three this morning and went down to see if she was alright and she had gone.  Quietly, and peacefully, she never caused any trouble that little cat even at the end.
We reckon she was 21 which I know is a good age for a cat, but it really doesn't make it easier to manage the loss.
Rusty was the sweetest, gentlest little cat you could ever have wished for never ever bit or scratched or did anything wrong. just a beautiful little puss. 
We buried her in the garden this morning in a space next to Bobby , I hope somewhere they are playing together. Wesaid our goodbyes in the rain this morning, put her in a nice box with a blanket and some toys, she looked like she was asleep. 
It is only 6 months since Bobby died too so now we do not have any cats at all. Who would ever have thought last Christmas that both of our cats would have gone by November.
So, a really sad post today. And an extremely sad Vin and jen. We had to tell Jane when she rang up this morning too which was hard because she loved Rusty she is gutted, and it is hard when she isn't here. Gosh you miss them. XX

Tonight we are having:
Fishl3ess fingers
Chips 200 grms
Any veggies left
Tartare sauce.

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