Monday, 24 November 2014

An Outing!!

Quite nice today, dawned sunny for November.  Vin is really missing our little Rusty, he comes upstairs with our morning cups of coffee very quickly because he doesn't have to do "cat" things. Previously he had to give her a tablet, do her nose and wipe her eye for her. Check the cat litter etc., now he isn't doing that, so it must be hard for him. The house is terribly quiet without them, it just seems so hard to believe that within six months they would both be gone.
This was a good picture of them in our garden, and abut as close as they would get, but they were usually together somewhere, or near each other anyway. 
We did decide to go out today for a coffee, so we took ourselves off to Dobbies. It was really sunny when we were going, a lovely day actually. Quite quiet there, but it makes a defference there being no children around. I spotted a couple of things to go into J&A's Christmas parcel, so got those. Got a nice card too, and a little book for john. All I need to do is finish their letter and get the presents wrapped and posted off. 
Enjoyed our coffees it was a bit since I've been out, and it was lovely just sitting there people watching and chatting. i had an Americano and Vin had a flat white with a very pretty leaf pattern on the top. We do take our own biscuits so that keeps it cheap. Mind you i did end up spending £29 in there so they get that back!!
Funny coming home to an empty house, with no little cats to meet us in the hallway or in the middle room. very strange feeling really. 
Jane rang up today just around lunchtime. She was in Tesco's doing her shopping. She had meant to get up early but overslept so was out a bit later. She was going to swap being in tomorrow for friday because she said she would not be able to get up at six o'clock tomorrow with getting up late today. Poor kid it must be hard juggling everything she has to do.
One annoying thing today was that we missed a delivery from Amazon. The number of times Vin takes in parcels for other people along the road and the one time we get something delivered they go away again. Still they say they will deliver tomorrow instead so hopefully nice and earlyish!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza and salad for Vin.
I might have a poached egg on toast, quite fancy that.

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