Monday, 17 November 2014

Doddery Old Git!

That's me not Vin, he is anything but! . Not been on here for a few days because I've had a bit of a blip again. getting to be boring. Ah well, plenty worse off than me.
Poor Vin has been up and down the stairs like nobody's business waiting n moi and keeping me company. he is a real trooper that one, I wish I had some of what he is on.
Jane rings up most days either on her way to ar from work or sometimes both. She seems ok at the moment but snowed under with work on her course and at the hospital. Not long to go now though nearly at Christmas and then next year. 

Little Rusty is still being tended to by her daddy who makes sure she is ok, fed watered and looked after.  She has been up to the bedroom a bit lately which is good.
Tonight we are having:
No idea,
I might have a baked potato.
Vin had a nice chilli and rice last night, don't know what he feels like tonight?

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