Tuesday, 4 November 2014

What a Difference..

Indeed..what a difference a few days makes. we went to Tesco last friday and it was absolutely heaving, car park fullish, store heaving, and a Costa with no spaces at all.   We took my money off there today to get our stuff for the week, and hopefully to get a coffee out. 
carpark was spaces everywhere, and the shop was really quietish so got round easily, and no annoying kids running round in front of the trolley. gre3at! Got all our things, and some nice veggies so done for the week. Bought |Jane a card too so keep that for her Christmas. Hopefully we will get over there to see her b3efore Christmas if she can keep a few hours free.
Since our Costa was nice and quiet we went for our usual coffees. We both had an Americano with the new l8imited edition coffee type which was really nice. Shared a half of a little bag of biscuits. Sat for ages just people watching and chatting. Interesting that, people come and people go and they all do different things. 
Two nurses sat to our right chatting over a cappuccino and a man typing away on his computer with a cup by his side. lovely places these coffee shops when they are quieter, hate them when they are busy.
Jane rang up before talking about her first night shift last night. She said it went well and she enjoyed it. Sounded quite tired though, but she is off tomorrow so hopefully will catch up.  Glad she enjoyed it though. She is a night person so I think it would probably suit her.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with broccoli and cheese,
broccoli and green beans
Potato croquettes.

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