Monday, 10 November 2014

Washday Monday..

It always used to be washday monday in our house when I was young. then as you get married etc., you tended to do the washing on a weekend instead..God knows how we fitted it in with everything else. now we are retired you can do the washing whenever, so you can take advantage of the weather conditions. Mind, at this time of the year it is colder so drying is harder. The bedding was done last week and dried in the tumbler largely, but we woke up this morning and Vin said it was quite bright outside so he put the klast of the sofa covers in the machine. Thankfully it has been out all morning and no sign of rain so has dried quite well.
We did the ironing from last weeks bedding this morning so that has gone thank goodness. 
Jane has just rung up after lunch as we were watching Doctors. She is in a grumpy mood today she says, still got a headache she says it is from a sinus thing, and that isn't helping. She always seems to be grumpy when she comes back from Uni, i think it is the group she is in and that they are all moaning, she says she loves her Ticketmaster job becaus nobody moans there and they are all happy. Oh Dear! Too much work and too much stress. 
Nice news about the little cat from her next door neighbour though over the weekend. She saw the chap from the house and they had a cat that was run over quite some months ago. It had a big operation and a lot of vet care, and he said it had started walking again recently which is lovely news. 
Tonight we are having:
pizza with cheese and mushrooms for Vin
Green salad
pasta salad

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