Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Busy Today...

Quite a busy day for us today. Started off with a blood test over the way at the G.P.surgery. They have been after me for ages so it's done now. Follow up appointment next tuesday for the Diabetic check up.
Then home for our morning coffees. Vin had an Oreo drink made in the Tassimo which he hasn't had for a bit and enjoyed. I had a very nice cappuccino..always forget how to spell that. It appears that is correct though! Then a little bit of a mooch and Jane rang up on her way to work. She had been working on her personal statement and getting it right, then off to work. She was looking forward to that because she is going to the new office which is in a new building and she says apparently is really nice. Probably she will ring when she is coming home tonight.
Then it was a quick snack for Vin, i was still full of coffee and I had my second appointment of the day at Netherton at the Chiropody clinic. It was a bit of a formality really because the toe had cleared up but needed checking apparently.Got there a bit early but as soon as I gave my name in the chiropodist appeared  and I went in. Out in a minute or two and Vin was waiting with a bag of buns he had bought for his lunch. Home for that via the garden centre where he went in to buy a set of solar lights to go over where little Rusty and Bobby lie. So that was our day today.
Tonight we are having:
Am7y's kitchen mac/cheese
Maybe a few carrots.
garlic bread for Vin

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