Friday, 20 February 2015


Patience is a virtue! or so the saying goes. Done everything I am supposed to do..had the orange juice, taken the tablets twice, warm bath..just waiting for things to move properly! Patience!
Nobody went anywhere today, can't really, anyway it is half term and we don't usually go anywhere over the half term holidays..too many kids. Maybe go somewhere next week.
Jane rang up this morning, she had just got her parcel yesterday so that was good posting, glad it got there. She was pleased with the vanilla lattes and the jelly beans, the jelly babies have gelatine in them so she has taken them to work to give to Olive one of the women she works with who is really nice, but she is keeping the chocolate drops!So they were worth sending. She sent us an email of her chicken wing that they were using for their experiment at Uni..done as an X-ray.. looks very creepy, just like a child's arm.
Vin is at present in the garden chopping up some firewood to get the fire started for later Bless Him XXX Can't be much fun for him at the moment with me the way I am but he is so good at keeping going. Vin the Saint :)
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers 
Chips 200grms
Any veggies left from the week.

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