Monday, 2 February 2015

Bread or Brick!!

Bit of a doing day today. After breakfast Vin did my hair colour, just a touch up roots one. Doesn't need all over yet! he is really good at it actually and gets the coverage over the centre where my hair is losing the colour a bit.  So that took a bit of the morning.
Then we decided to make a Gluten free bread mix that I had ordered from Lakeland. It is an Australian one which has very good reviews online with the firm and we made it up according to the instructions. Bit difficult because of the size of the bread tins given etc., and we were making half of the quantity given because it  looked like it made a very large loaf. Anyway it was a Laucke mix and I can't say I am very impressed at all!!!.It didn't rise like it said it would, and we left it longer than it said too. neither did it rise when it went into the oven and when it was done and turned out it looks like one of those old fashioned cell phones that you used to hold up to your ears! Feels quite light but just no size to it. Don't know what it will cut like. Maybe it will toast ok or maybe it wil be an expensive mistake. Grrr.
No deliveries today and no post really to speak of either. Quite a quiet Monday. Next door is having their drains done, and have had a van outside most of the morning with Drains and Toilets blocked written on the side ! At least the van that came to do ours had a discreet signage!
Tonight we are havaing:
Pizza for Vin with salad and a pasta salad.
Poached egg on a piece of toast for moi

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