Thursday, 12 February 2015

Bedding and Baking...

In today,so a bit of a busy day. started with the bedding, stripped the bed and got that in with the washing ball and put the new bedding on instead. Latte this week, doesn't that sound nice.
Vin decided that he would do another loaf so chose one of the sourdough mixes which are really good. Did it in the bread machine, what we do is do the dough first, then get our bread tin ready and when the dough is done, take it out and let it prove in our tin. That way you don't get the horrible shape of the bread machine tin but a proper loaf shape.
Makes a beautiful loaf which lasts him for ages. Sliced for toast and sandwiches.
Two nuisance phone calls of them was a nuisance caller asking about nuisance calls!!!! What on earth is that about.
Still waiting for Jane to ring about her exam results today, hoping with fingers crossed that she gets at least 40% otherwise she will be a not very happy bunny. 

Tonight we are having:
A baked potato each, Vin will probably have beans with his, I just have a bit of spread
brownie with a blob of creme fraiche and raspberries.

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