Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Short and Sweet..

Yep, short and sweet today, mainly because i have run out of time. We went off to Tesco this morning because we had a bit of shopping to do for the week, veggies and stuff, and I had a fancy for a coffee at the Costa :)
 Phone call before we went from Bullen's healthcare about my supplies. They are very good about ringing when they say they will and the delivery will be next Tuesday. They usually deliver early so that's not a problem.
Quick whizz round Tescos and got everything on Vin's list,we had run out of some things so stocked up a bit. Then he went and put them in the car, and I waited in the Costa which was really quiet. Lovely. I like it that way. Most of the people in there were older ones..probably with money :) 
Vin had a Cafe Mocha which looked absolutely gorgeous with a beautiful heart on the top of it, and I had a rather boring but nice Americano. I think I will have what he had next time !! We sat for about half an hour chatting and people watching. Very pleasant.
Home to lunch a bit later of carrot and coriander soup and toast, then I had a really nice long scented L'occitane bath with my book and scented candles and came to do this. So, got to hurry now it's time for Countdown and coffee:) :) 
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie with mixed veg and gravy.

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