Friday, 6 February 2015

In Today!!

We didn't go out today mainly because we have been out quite a lot this week already.
Not a lot doing today really, very quiet here. One phone call from the GP over the way to arrange a diabetic visit with the nursie over there. But I said that I hadn't had a blood test done so she rang back with appointments for blood test and then a follow up with the nursie a week later. One on the 17th of Feb and one on the 24th Feb.So that is the next two Tuesdays sorted!
Vin has been doing a lot of sorting out today, mainly with some batteries the rechargeable ones which have been checked.Apparently they do have a shelf life and wear out eventually. he now has a box of batteries due for recycling.
Cold today, frosty this morning, Jane said her car was very icy this morning and her icer spray wouldn't work.  She was chatting for ages after lunch mostly about her Uni work and job decisions. Very hard choices there.
Tonight we are having:
Sausage rolls Linda McCartney ones
Fried potatoes for Vin and a potato croquette for moi
Something tomatoey

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