Thursday, 5 February 2015

Two In A Week !

Yep two in a week! This came about because I got a delivery the other day from Bon Marche of things that I had ordered. Vin's shirt was great, firred him beautifully, but the pair of trousers that I had ordered as a size 16 came with the right label but the label inside said size 12!! now I have lost weight but not that much!!! So that meant a trip back to their store in Maghull to take them back. No real hardship because there is a very tempting Costa there and a few places Vin goes in to.
So, ioff we went to Maghull. very bright sunshine with a low sun too which is quite dazling, but no wind to speak of today so not as bitterly cold. Quite pleasant actually.
Loads of parking in the centre square and the parking machines broken so free which is always a bonus. Took my things back to the BM  and changed them with apologies from them for the mistake  (which wasn't theirs!) and bought something else instead.
Then to our coffees, I had a skinny latte and Vin had  a Soy milk latte. Lovely break and aq people watch. 
Tonight we are having:
Not sure, something from the f5reezer 
Veggies left over.

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