Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Up earlyish this morning because I had an appointment at the Thornton clinic with the chiropody service. The plan was to go over there first, then off to Ormskirk to get some fishless fingers from Holland and Barratt. But, Vin rang up  after they had opened and they didn't have any in stock, so there really wasn't any point going there.
trouble was, there wasn't anywhere else we could fancy going, and we didn't need any shopping, so we decided to come home instead afterwards.
Got to the clinic on time, it is nly about ten or so minutes away, gave my name in, waited about five minutes then went in. You have a pair of nail clippers that you have to take with you, and you get told off if you forget them!!but I remembered mine.  very nice girl, I think her name was Olivia, and she made a good job of doing my toenails. I did however have a small sore on my big toe so have to go back next monday at ten to four. Just for checking.
Home via the garden centre over the way, the Ladygreen one. Pity we didn't still have the free coffee coupons for there because it was early so really quiet. Also very cold, the people in there were wearing gloves!! Vin was looking for some tealights and I was just browsing, but did get a box of the biscuits that I like, and he did get the tealights he wanted.  Then home, given the lack of anywhere exciting to go, plus the fact that it is very cold today. 
Nice coffee at home today with the machine. Vin had a Colombian with a milk pod and I hadan Intenso with a milk pod. Very nice too.
Just mooched for the rest of the day. One delivery, from the postman, of the parcel from Bon marche. A shirt for Vin which was in the sale and really very good too, only nine pounds, and a pair of trousers for me which were ordered as a size 16 but had the wrong label on them and were a size 12 !! I have lost weight but not that much!!! so I guess they will be going back to the Maghull shop and that will mean another Costa coffee at the shop there!! Aaah what a shame.
Baking potatoes today this afternoon, 59p for four from home and bargain, and we bake them till they are done then let them cool and freeze them like the McCain ones which are double the price. Good eh!
Tonight we are having:
Macaroni cheese with a cheese sauce
butternut squash and sweet potato mix 
A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

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