Wednesday, 11 February 2015

What a Busy Morning!!

Up earlyish ( but not too early!). We were planning to go over to either ormskirk or to Dobbies direction today depending. It was a case of fishless fingers. if they had any in stock in the Holland and Barratt in Ormskirk we would go there if they also had the television we wanted in the Argos there. Al very complicated! If neither was in stock it would be Dobbies and the Kew Argos. 
So the first thing Vin did this morning was to ring the H&B and they had two packs which the girl put on one side for us, luckily they also had the television we wanted in the Ormskirk Argos so that was the deciding factor. Off we went there armed with our vouchers. 
Parked in the square behind the M&S but didn't go in there, and Vin ran into the H&B and got our fishless fingers. Great. Then it was off to morrisons to get a bit of shopping. We had a leftover card from there with savings stamps on it so wanted to use them up before they expired.  I had forgotten how cheap Morrisons were actually, we got some Baxters soups which were good value, and also spotted some vanilla Lattes which are a limited edition so got two for us and two for sending to Jane. 
Then we went for our coffees in their cafe. very reasonable and tasty lattes, nothing fancy but a good coffee. 
final trip of the morning over the way to Argos to pick up our television which was reserved online. Paid with ur National Shopping Monitor vouchers so didn't cost us a penny! Good eh.
Home in time for lunch soup and toast, and Vin fitted up the new tele in the middle bedroom in a matter of minutes. really quick. Well done Vin XXXX
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a cheese sauce

butternut squash and garlic bread for Vin.

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