Monday, 16 February 2015

Yet Another..

Dodgy weekend..seems to becoming a monotonous regularity these days no matter what I eat or what I do. Oh well get sorted some day I suppose. Poor Vin has once again been an absolute star, running up and down stairs, fetching and carrying etc., and looking after himself as well. Hwe did all of the ironing before I even got up this morning! What a star!!!
Getting back to normal today a bit but not got a lot of appetite yet.Bit worried about what to eat really. 
Got a new handbag last week a really nice glove leather one from QVC so have swapped all of my things over from my old one. Lots of room in this one and not a heavy bag either so well pleased with it, it was a bargain price too. Also got another Quacker Factory t-shirt today, which will be nice for when the Spring comes and it is a bit warmer. Can't have enough Quacker!!
Tonight we are having:
{izza for Vin with salad and noodle salad
Not sure what I will have really.

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