Monday, 21 December 2015

Bwest Foot Forward!

Yet another wet rainy drizzly day, although it has cleared up a bit now. Gone blowy through and apparently we are in for a storm due. 
Today we got up early which meant getting the alarm clocks going, we aren't used to getting up early these days, not really having any need to ! I had an appointment at Aintree at the podiatry centre for a foot check and dressing change. We left on time for a change, we are usually quite rushing round last minute, and we went along the new road and were there in twenty minutes. It has made such a big difference that new road,I wish it had been there wheen I was teaching in Kirkby.
Vin dropped me off at the door then went to park the car, i only waited a few minutes and was called in, by a podiatrist who treated my other foot when the toe was removed ten years ago. Lovely woman who happens to live in our village so we swapped tales of how our respective children are getting on. They are all grown up now, one is a pharmacist and the other is working for a law firm and married, and ours of course is a radiographer. Gosh they aren't babies for long are they?
From Aintree we went over to M&S retail park, for a very nice coffee. I had a cappi. and Vin had a latte and we shared a packet of shortbread biscuits for £1.10p that you can buy a box for downstairs in the food hall!!Ah Well!Then we did a bit of food shopping downstairs where it was heaving so Vin wasn't  too keen on that. :) He followed me round going "What are you looking for?" all the time Haha. Then home  and greeted at the door by our Tootsie. Isn't that lovely, she really is a little sweetie.
Vin has just spent the last quarter of an hour looking for her! She had vanished so he was getting worried, looking under beds with a torch, checking all of her usual hiding spots, like the backs of sofas etc., no sign anywhere Eventually he found her, tucked under a throw on a sofa in the front roomk.. Thank goodness! 

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