Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Ring Ring..

We seem to have been besieged with phone calls these days. yesterday we had the podiatry man come to the house to do my toe..the one that had been amputated, and I don't know whether it is the antibiotics that Vin has religiously been giving me or the constant care and dressings but it does appear to be healing up now. So that's a good sign. I have an appointment at the vascular clinic in Aintree tomorrow afternoon, and he thinks they will be pleased. 
After he had been we went off to the Lidl in Maghull, I had been dying to go there for some macaroons and other bits that I had seen in their catalogue. Must admit I was quite impressed, a lot of their things are fairly cheap, especially compared to some of the other supermarkets, and we picked up some different items that we haven't seen in other shops. Plus I got my macaroons too..hooray! 
Came home with two bags full of items and the bill was only £22 which I thought was very reasonable.
Went back along the bypass to Tesco in Formby to get some Tassimo pods,and we got a nice coffee there before Vin ran round to get the things off his list. We had stopped off at the garden centre over the way  to see if they had a nice holly wreath for the front door, but thought they were a bit dear and we wonderedd if Tesco had any a bit less expensive. They didn't have any actually, so we went back to the garden centre and bought one from them. It's nice too.
Our house all lit up for Christmas. We have an advent arch in the front window, a tree in the bay window downstairs and the wreath on the front door.  It is a little block of terraced houses and they really look nice all decorated for the season,
We have stopped in today and only had about four phone calls, yesterday afternoon the phone was hardly off the hook as they say.  So it was nice today. Out again tomorrow afternoon.

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