Friday, 18 December 2015

Getting Ready,

Everyone getting ready for the holidays. We were thinking of going out today but in the end decided that we were actually quite well stocked so Vin went off to Tesco to get some soft drinks. he went off with a small list of things that we were getting short of and he got some yorkshire puds and roast potatoes which are other things off the christmas day list. The only thing we have to get now really is the fresh veg.
Yesterday i had an appointment at the vascular clinic afternoon at 2 O'clock.  That went fine, and after going for a blood test we got out about 4ish. Then because we had missed our lunch we went to the retail park and the Costa and got a toasted sandwich between us and a cortada coffee which was lovely and just enough. Then over to the M&S to get a few veggies for the weekend. and I wanted some pot-pourri from their christmas range which is beautiful, smells really christmassy. 
Little tootsie is going from strength to strength,  she is finding herself little spots to hide in and has settled down so well it is amazing to think she has been here only just over a week.
She came on the bed this morning which is a first. I didn't know she was there, but Vin ssaid watch out she is on the end of the bed or i would have kicked her when I turned over. Aaaah. She is playing quite nicely now too, and will chase a ball in the kitchen and chase a little furry toy that we have on the end of a rope/ribbon that all of our cats have enjoyed. We definitely love her she has stolen our hearts. 

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