Thursday, 10 December 2015

Kettle, Cat and Coal..

Quite a day yesterday. We got our new cat, new electric kettle and a delivery of coal, the first for the winter. 
Started off with going to tesco by collecting our electric kettle to replace our old one that had become cracked from their click and collect scheme.  We shoud have been getting it tomorrow actually but we got aqn email to say it had arrived on Tuesday so deecidd to go and get it before we went to colledt Tootsie. Also got some cat biscuits and cat food and some veg for the rest of the week. Then we went along the bypass to the animal rescue centre to get Tootsie. Vin went in to get her because my toes are a little bit sore at the moment.He wasn't long before he came out with her in our carrier.
She was very quiet on the way home, we let her out as soon as we ggot in the house and she had a really good explore of the house, and settled in really well. She has already found a few favourite spots.
Very pretty colours black, white and ginger. 
You would think she had been here all her life. She is quite like Bobby in what she does but is different in colour.So far we are very pleased with her and I thinkshe willenjoy living here.

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