Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Coffee Out Today...

Grey wettish and dismal looking weather today. it has been a Christmas of the same this year, not at all wintry, no snow at all, or frost even. very disappointing really. I read in the papers that the retailers are worried about sales of clothing particularly and they are being left with lots of winter coats and the like.  Just isn't cold enough really.
We ventured out for a while this morning to get some things for the week. I fancied a trip to Waitrose so off we went there. That does have its advantages of getting a free coffee and also a free newspaper so that saves 60p to start with.  Quite wet when we got there so Vin dropped me off at the door and went to park. Caught me up in a few minutes at the cash machine with a trolley. I can get round well with a trolley to hold on to so that helps. Quite busy in the store but got round fine. Bought what we needed on our list plus a few extras, well more than a few actually, including a box of cat food for Tootsie. Hope she appreciates Waitrose cat food!

She did come to greet us at the door when we got home which is nice.
We got our free coffee which was nice and then did a bit more, then home. It had cleared up but the fields are very very wet.  The news is terrible at the moment.  floods all over the place, it will take some peaple an age to get straight again.

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