Saturday, 26 December 2015

What a Surprise!!

Well it was! A huge one. We were sitting watching "Luther" which we had recorded in two parts, so we were getting them back to back, and we were about ten minutes or so from the end when the phone went. It was around ten to twelve and it was Jane. "What are you doing?" watching the end of Luther says I. Is my Dad there? from Jane,  I need help parking> Puzzled we said Why? I'm outside from Jane. Outside where? us. Our house.. she had driven from Manchester and was indeed outside the house. Total surprise because we had thought she was spending the day with Jo her friend. Apparently she had been to work come home tired and then had a sleep and  decided to come home.  I think she had come home to see the cat!
Our Tootsie.  What a treat! Totally made my Christmas, It turned what was going to be a very quiet day into a really lovely fmily day. 
 She had her phone with her which has a really good camera on it so she took loads of photos,and before she went back late on Christmas Day, she put them on the computer for us, so Vin transferred them on to "Pacassa"  this morning for me to use on the blog. We had a lovely dinner and she had all of her favourite things too.
I did a nice "meat loaf" with a burger mix which I cooked in a loaf tin and that proved to be a hit so we had that with gravy and Yorkshire puds. As long as she gets crispy  roasties she is happy. :) The only  thing was, I had cooked some lovely parsnips in honey and some stuffing balls from a Jamie Oliver recipe and plated up the dinners and left them in the oven!!! Stupid woman, and no-one nooticed either. 
After a nap in the afternoon she went back around 8.30 and was at Aintree about twenty minutes later, then Manchester a short time after that. Well done Jane and thanks for coming home it completely made my Christmas XXX
  Thank goodness for the cracker hats which covered my horrible wispy hair. !!! This is one of Jane's selfies. :) 
The headlines today have all been about our weather, which has been flooding alerts everywhere, especially in Cumbria. Just awful. The fields round here are absolutely soaked all the ditches full and over-flowing. The ground is so sodden it can't absorb any more water so it hasn't anywhere to go. Not what you expect for Christmas weather at all. 
So in the end we had a really really lovely time. Thanks our Jane and Vin for making a good family holiday, and Totsie  for being here with us. XXXX

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