Monday, 14 December 2015

What a Performance!!

Well it was actually quite a performance..having a shower that is.  Two legs bandaged up to the knee, does tend to make it a bit awkward to shower, let alone quickly.I had one "Limbo" which is a cover that you put on your limb to make it waterproof, and the podiatry centre last week gave me a script for two to be given me by the G.P. The chemist only had one however, so I had to use my6 oldish one and the new one. Trouble was that the old one which we used on my left leg seems to be a bit leaky so it has made the bandages damp to say the least!! now sat drying out my leg in front of a heater HaHa.. What fun..
 "Tootsie" is still settling in and is proving to be quite a character. I think she is a keeper.
Jane and me on the sofa during her "early Christmas"
This is our Tootsie on one of her favourite spots on the bacck of the sofa,I suppose she can keep an eye on what is going on from up there. Her markings are really pretty, and we are getting used to her now.
I think she likes it here!
Jane is off to see Madonna tonight so she will be excited about that. Then tomorrow she is going to the Ticketmaster Christmas party which she has never been to yet because of placements and working weekends or exams et., so it will be lovely for her to finish her time there with a last party. She will be very tired this week though!!
Did the Christmas cards last night, just have the neighbours ones to do and that's it. Quite organised this year thanks to Jane's early Christmas in November. She did us a favour there really.

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