Monday, 7 December 2015

Getting Nearer!!

It is..getting nearer to T Day..or Tootsie day, and getting quite excited now. A lady rang up last night to say that she was a volunteer for the rescue centre and would it be ok if she came tonight on her way back from work, so we are expecting her about 6-30 to 7-30. So we have got the house cat friendly again. Cosy fire going, tree lights on etc., etc., just have to wait and see now.
 Started off this morning by having a visit from the podiatrist from maghul, he did the dressing again on my foot and was very pleased with it's progress. Apparently the wound is closing up quite nicely which is good news.  I have an appointment at the diabetic podiatry clinic in Aintree tomorrow at 2.o'clock. I haven't been there yet, because I had to cancel the last one due to illness. Fingers crossed for this one.
Vin has been doing some cliearing up today, and also posted the parcel off to John and Ann. hope that gets there on time, it's a bit later than usual. Hope they like the things too. Now I need to get the cards done and a little newsletter done. 
Well done sweetheart..all that hard work was worth it.

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