Thursday, 24 December 2015

It's Christmas!!

Well not quite, but it is Christmas Eve and if it isn't bought by now it won't be, and if it isn't done by now it won't be done either.  I had an appointment at the dressings clinic at 1.30 at Litherland and just about got there on time. The nurse was actually waiting for me so I went straight in which was a bonus. I was her last patient and then she was done. Happy Christmas to all the wonderful N.H.S. staff who have dealt with me this year and are still dealing with me for that matter. 
It has been a bit of a rubbish year this year really so we are very much looking forward to a nice quiet Christmas together and enjoy our lovely little new cat Tootsie. I wonder where she was last year? We are convinced she had a home somewhere brcause she has settled in so well, and behaves like she is used to doing things around a home. She came and sat on my knee last night which is a first, and she plays with toys too, really funny to watch. Very different from our other cats, but they are all different with their own characters. 
Not very Christmassy weather I do have to say. Still very wet and weather warnings everywhere especially in Cumbria which has had it very bad. Supposed to be storm Eva due. At the moment they are playing Frosty the chance.
So, Happy Christmas everybody. XXX

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