Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Hear Hear!!

As planned Vin went into Formby very kindly for me to get my repaired hearing aid from Specsavers. Methinks they had been holding on to it because it was in a drawer, but never mind it is now in my ear again and much clearer.  he also popped into Waitrose to get a couple of bits because it is only just over the way and he was parked there anyway. Then he went to Tesco I think to look for a couple of things from there.
We had originally planned to both go out and get a coffee from Costa but decided he would be quicker going on his own. As things are at the moment it is all a faff getting me around and really slows him down, he is so much quicker than when I am with him.  Got to use your common sense in the end really. 
Little Jess is doing something different every day now. This morning she jumped up on the bed to nuzzle up to Vin. She has most certainly taken to him and lies in her basket looking at him adoringly. If he hasn't stroked her for a bit she puts her little paw out to touch his arm ..just to remind him to stroke her. It's lovely to see. 

Jane rang up on her way to work she is on two to ten  and will most likely ring again on her way home. We have a general chat about all sorts of things whatever comes into our minds really and I enjoy them.  I think she mostly wants to know what Jess is doing really!!!! :) :) 

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