Monday, 6 March 2017

Busy Day,

It turned out to be a very busy day in the end. It was just supposed to be an appointment at the podiatry clinic  but the phone went and it was the roofing man to have a look at the leak in the roof over the bathroom. So he was up on the roof and little Jess was keeping a very watchful eye on him. 
He finished up and went and Jess settled down then while we had our coffee. Then it was all change and out for our appointment. The back way in was still open, so Vin left me in there while he went to park. I was called in very quickly by Cathy who had a medical student with her. She was in her fifth year and was interested in forensic work.  Anyway it was keep on with the antibiotocs and another prescription for two more weeks worth. :( :(  I think I will be turning into one big antibiotic. Otherwise progress being made, dressings redone and off we went with more appointments on the card.  My secretary takes care of them. :) :) 
Little picnic in the coop car park while Vin went to get a few things and off home. 
He let little Jess into the garden for a bit of fresh air just before, and she had a good look round. As soon as he opens the door  she comes running to him.  Aaaw!

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