Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Busy Day Today!

Today revolved around the appointment at Aintree for an MRI scan. They rang up on Friday and  offered me on for 1.O'Clock today so it was all systems go to get ready for that.  Hairwash before I went, and then a baby coffee for us both and upstairs to get ready, going out clothes, slap on and attend to the rest and then downstairs to go. 
Beautiful sunny day today with a little breeze to keep it cooler. We left quite early and went into the high rise car park up to the third floor, Vin went off to get some wheels and by a very circuitous route we got to the Radiology dept., on the ground floor. Didn't wait long, and a nice young bloke came to get me and wheeled me outside where the mobile van was. Up some rickety steps and got rid of all the metal bits and bobs then into the machine. Earphones on and horrible noises. God knows what they must be like for people with normal hearing!
Off to the Co-op then for a "picnic" lunch in their car park and Vin went for just a few bits from there. Back home via the Ladygreen nurseries for a voucher coffee, it was still quite early in the afternoon so we thought it would be quiet but... it was really busy. Vin said there was a leaflet through our door for a Bogoff for afternoon teas so that must have been it. 
Home to find little Jess asleep in the basket to be honest I don't think she had moved at all since we left the house!
She did rouse herself a bit when her daddy came home though. 

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