Thursday, 13 April 2017

Three Weeks!

Went off out this  morning to Tesco's which just happens to have a Costa in store. We both had a very nice Latte which went down very nicely. It was actually quite busy in there, all sorts of couples, and mother's with children, and girls in groups.  Interesting to watch people's behaviour in there.  Vin left me with a little coffee in my glass while he whizzed round and got a ffew things he needed then came back for me for the drive home.
Lovely sunny day today, but very cold actually, deceptive weather really. 
Little Jessie was at the door to greet us when we came home again with her little nose pressed against the glass in the door. Then she miaows at her Daddy, probably looking for some food :)  She even followed us upstairs when we went to get changed so she must have been keen.  She certainly knows who to get round to get fed!

Is it cupboard love or adoration?  I know what he would say :) 

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