Friday, 7 April 2017

Dobbies Visit..

Out today and off to Dobbies for a little mooch and our free coffee for the month.
Just the two of us! well before all my health troubles. I do like this  [icture it's one of the few where we are both smiling at the camera. 
Anyway it was Dobbies today, Vin took a photo on his new camera phone of the barrel with it's manky looking daffodils that never came up. Just a load of leaves, and very sadlooking. He pulled a bulb up and took that with him as suggested and got his money back in the form of a gift voucher. Actually they got it back anyway because we bought some Yankee Candles tea lights, one lemmony fragrance and the other a christmas wreath one which we will keep for Christmas!. Oh dear, shopping for Christmas already!!
Little Jessie hadn't moved. She was in her basket when we left and still there when we got back.

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