Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Groundhog Day!

It really was like a groundhog day today.same routine, same things to do same trip to the hospital. Just different departments. Yesterday was the MRI scan, today was the podiatry department. 
Really busy in the waiting area there, usually it is just us there and maybe ne other, but today they had the Diabetic department going as well. People and nurses everywhere, you can see where the money goes in the NHS.
After waiting a bit I eventually went into the dept and the lovely Lyndsey did my foot today. Very quick and efficient she is too. Took some photos of the foot,and I amdue back there on Monday for the one that you have with the Dr.
Little picnic in the co-op car park again then Vin went in to get just a few things and was out in minutes. Home to a lovely baby coffee and the afternoon as normal.
Little Jessie hadn't moved again! Same as yesterday!
She did try to trip me up on the way downstairs though. I said it was so she could be on her own with her Daddy :) 

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