Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Sorting Out!

Today was a sort of sorting out day. It is the recycling bin day tomorrow so a good chance to get rid of packaging, boxes etc, and papers. We seem to collect a lot of papers during the week and the Sunday ones take up a lot of space. We watch a programme called "Escape to the country" and the houses they show are always immaculate with nothing out of place. I often wonder where they put their clutter, because you never see any.  Sometimes I'd like to clear out and start again, do things differently. Or would we? Mmmm.
Little Jessie came n the bed this morning really affectionate she was, snuggling up to her Daddy, and even greeted me with a miaow too. Then downstairs to have a sleep in her basket.Jane rang up at lunchtime on Vin's newish camera phone, it was one of those video links. She had a chat with us then wanted a look at Jessie on the phone, Jessie was more interested in the dangly thing at the bottom of the phone and chased that. 
One of her favourite spots, I like this photo, it just sums up their relationship.

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