Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Easter Been and Gone!

Another Easter done and dusted for another year. Can't say we do anything special really these days, once Jane had grown up you don't tend to do as much.  Spent a nice quiet weekend with very mixed weather, some sunshine and some drizzly but today is nice and bright .Vin went off to Tesco on Saturday, but everywhere was shut on Sunday so he did the Sainsbury run on Monday instead. 
Today we have stopped in to get some household stuff done mainly he does the washing, and we are out quite early tomorrow to an appointment at podiatry 11.30 so we will be out early for that.  Possibly go on to M&S afterwards since we should be fairly early there. 
Little Jessie has had a nice weekend, very relaxed and laid back. She came up on the bed last nigght and flopped on her daddy's tummy and promptly went to sleep. However, the moment the light went out and I turned mine off she sped off the bed like she has been shot! So timid.
Such a cute face.
Last night was the last ever episode of Broadchurch. That has been such a good series all the way through, and we have seen all of them. Well I didn't guess who the culprit was but the clues had been there.  The other good one we have been watching was Line of Duty which is getting towards the end, in two weeks. That was a good series too withlots of twists and turns to keep you guessing.  Like it that way. 
Jane was off this weekend for a change, usually she is working very odd hours. But, she is in today on an 8to8 shift and nights tomorrow. 

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