Wednesday, 12 April 2017


The doorbell went quite early this morning. Vin went down quickly to answer the door and met Jessie running up the stairs past him. She hates doorbells.
Anyway it was a courier with a parcel for him, so he couldn't blame me :)  Turned out it was the present from our Jane for Easter. It was a cheese EGG! a lovely 8oz piece of cheese shaped like an egg and delivered the next day too. He was really pleased with that, so that is our cheese and biscuits sorted for the weekend.  He said it is nice cheese and has already had a tiny slice off it!! Thankyou Jane that was a lovely thought. 
We woke up this morning to a very grey and blowy day, so we decided that we would stop in instead . Doesn't matter  we will go out tomorrow instead.
Our Jane has just rung up on her way home. She was supposed to have an interview tomorrow (Thurs) for a C.T. Trauma  job which is a band 6 one and would be a promotion. She said she wasn't hopeful of getting it because you normally have to have done two years beforehand. Anyway she rang up to say that the interview was today and she had fibbed about it being tomorrow. Anyway...she got the job! So well done Jane we are so proud of you. It does mean more money too which is only good.SWhe has just said Happy Days!
Little Jessie has had a nice relaxing day today with her Daddy at home. 

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