Monday, 10 April 2017


Just come back from the podiatry clinic. It was a 3.O'clock appointment, so we had our morning coffees and our lunch before we went,which made a change.  It was the Doctor day today and he was the nice Dr Ooi who is always smiley. Jo did my foot and she is great, tells you what is going on.
Lovely sunny day today but still quite cool, with a blowy breeze to keep everywhere on the cold side. 
Little Jessie was at the door when we returned. Aaah! She doesn't do that very often, and had her nose pressed against the glass. Then when we opened the door she started miaowing like mad. Obviously wanted food, but we went up to get changed  she followed us upstairs and kept on miaowing. 
Short and sweet today, run out of time! 

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