Thursday, 6 April 2017

In Today!

Since we have been out for the last two days we decided to stay in today. I thought Vin might like a breather, but think again! He can't stop doing things. Always on the go then he starts sighing which isn't good. He is a bit worried about the cat at the moment because she chucks up most days then he has to clear that up and since it is a carpeted household mostly that isn't easy.  Then she sits there looking so innocent like butter wouldn't melt and he forgives her :) 
Best of pals really. She has this way of looking at you that melts your heart really.
The Aintree races are on this weekend starting today. Tomorrow is Ladies day, when all the women go in their finery, skirts like belts and great high heels etc., it's quite a big thing in Liverpool. The big race of course is the Grand National which we always have a bet on, it's the only race that we do, but it makes it a bit more fun watching it when you do.  Don't know what is running yet, I generally go on names and anything that appeals, or sounds familiar.  Vin does it online these days which is much easier, and you get instant results.  Hope the weather keeps nice for them and the girls have their thermals on !!

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