Monday, 3 April 2017

Monday's bits abd bobs!

In today because we are out tomorrow and Wednesday. No doubt little Jess will be happy about that because she is quite sociable really, and seems to like people around. The weekend was normal Vin did his usual shop in Tesco on Saturday and Sainsbury in the other direction on Sunday so stocked up for the wee.
He has been getting used to his new old phone and playing with that. I do have to say that the camera is fantastic.There are so many features on it and so much to learn. 
One thing that is very apparent is that she loves looking out of windows. Whether it is upstairs or downstairs doesn't matter she will just sit for ages looking out onto I wonder what?  Even through the net curtains at the front of the house. The back ones are her favourites though with clear glass plenty to see. 

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