Thursday, 23 January 2014

Brrr !

Well we were going t go out this morning, Vin wanted to go over to Dobbies to get some logs for the fire, but it was very blowy whjen we woke up. Then as we had our breakfast there was a massive hailstorm so we decided to stop in instead.
Wehad planned to get our free coffees for the month from there, but we had our tassimo ones instead.  That machine is truly wonderful..definitely not one of those gadgets that are bought and destined to stay at the back of the cupboard after a few uses. Vin had a Chai Latte today and I had an Americano.The coffee is brilliant and as good as anything you would get in a coffee shop.  if I won a lot of money on the Lottery I would have a little coffee bar built in my big new house :) Dream on Jennifer!
No post today apart from one letter for me with a Podiatry appointment for the 4th of february at Netherton health centre. The last time I went there was some years ago and I had to go for a blood test, it was so icy you could barely stand up let alone walk. terrible, it was that long Winter of snows and ice.  We have been very lucky this year so far, it's really been very mild.  I bought a new hooded parka with fur round the hood for the Winter in the Autumn and have obnly worn it once. Maybe february will be colder.otherwise it will be going away for the Summer without having been used !
So pleased that Corrie won the best drama serial last night at the television awards, and Julie Hesmondhalg (sp) won for best dramatic performance. Her portrayal of Hayley's struggle with cancer has been wonderful, and her and Roy are such good actors. She is a lovely person, and I hope she does well in her future career. They are brilliant actors. Don't like any of the other soaps but have always watched Corrie, been a watcher since the days of Ena Sharples !! That's dating me !
Tonight we are having:
Lamb style grills,
baby new potatoesCarrots, broccoli and squash
Mushroom gravy.

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