Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Off Out Today !

Weather not too bad today, bit wet and fairly cold but still a milder Winter than we have had for a while. here at least, can't speak for those poor sould who live in Somerset on the levels who are flooded out.
Anyway it wasn't bad so we went out over to Dobbies for our free coffees for January, and to have a bit of a mooch round there.  For once I didn't see anytthing that I wanted to get, but Vin did spot a nice pair of leather driving gloves that he their sale and half price spo he got those.I bought Jane another pair of woollen gloves with the pads for wearing while using her phone etc., they were half price too at £1.75 so have put them away for Christmas. HaHa shopping early!!!
We went for our coffees then..very quiet in the cafe part which is why we like going there,Vin had a flat white and I had an Americano. We tok our own biscuits so a cheap job. !  We spent some time watching a poor little girl who obviously had been told to clear tables and was wandering round with a spray bottle and a cloth in her hand, clearly bored to death! Aaah, at one poibnt she sat down at a table and wiped one bit of it over and over again. She'd been told to clear tables but not been told to do anything else if it was quiet.  Oh dear  !
Nice morning out, and that's it for January..we've used all of our coffees but could still go to Waitrose!! HaHa.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta bake with mushrooms
Butternut squash to go with,
A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

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