Thursday, 30 January 2014


Up earlyish today, started off today by taking the little baby to the vets over in Ormskirk. her appointment was for 11 O'Clock so we have to allow at least half an hour for getting there. Spot on for is quite a trek but she was very good. She has to go every now and again for an antibiotic injection for her nose thing because it seems to affect her breathing and obviously makes her not feel right.  She saw the nice Dr Tim again, who is really good with her, knows her well and always gives her a good check over every time we go. It's much better going to the vets than it is going to the hospital. Anyway she got her injection and we shall see how long that lasts for. Takes about an hour all told and I am £28 poorer but she is worth every penny XXX
Home in time to do the ironing of the bedding..Oh what joy  !!So, that was the morning taken care of. Came upstairs to find the computer playing silly beggars, wouldn't log off and wouldn't log on either..totally stuck in a sort of loop. Yell for Vin..and he comes and fixes it.OK now touch wood. just a blip I think. Check the banking online and find the household account a bit down, so topped up with £ spent £128 today without going anywhere or doing anything really. Ah well.
Very nice Tassimo coffee today. Vin had a caramel macchiato and I had a cafe Intenso. lovely. Gosh it's such a good machine that one.Still can't believe it was only £30.
Tonight we are having:
Cheesey Kievs
little baked potatoes
carrots, squash and anything else that needs using up.

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