Wednesday, 22 January 2014

January Blues?

Sort of that january feeling today. We got up and didn't really have anywhere to go..didn't needdd any shopping and didn't have anything in particular to look for so the plan to go out was scrapped. It was a bit of a grey day anyway, so wasn't conducive to going out.
In the end Vin decided to go to Formby to get a hair cut. He has very thick hair and when it grows and needs cutting it starts to look fluffy and a bit unruly, so off he went. He has one particular one he goes to mostly but he rang up later to say that there was a sign on the door to say the shop was closed due to staff illness, so he went off to his second choice. Then Homebase for a mooch, nothing doing there but he did get some free firewood on the way back.
I stopped here and just about heard the doorbell. the postman with two parcels. One was an Amazon packet and I thought there was a mistake but it was from my lovely friend James from the Delia site with three packs of ferrero rocher chocs inside. isn't that lovely. he is a gorgeous boy would be proud to have him as a son. the second packet was from my personal online store QVC :) :) who else. it was a necklace I had ordered ages ago and it had been out of stock so I'd forgotten about it. Gorgeous glass beads really nice heavy necklace and very classy. nice surprises both of them. I do love a Ferrero !
Tonight we are having:
A pasta dish with a cheese sauce and mushrooms
Butternut squash to go with,
A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

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