Thursday, 16 January 2014

Pressing matters...

Started the day with Vin being pushed out of the bed by one very persistent cat..namely Bobby. She has taken to going on his pillow, and he like a soft thing lets her aalone. So she is nice and comfy and he is squashed to one side. That's the thing about let them go where they want, and you work round them !
Veery exciting morning..not. Did a big pile of ironing. all of the bedding that was washed on Tuesday. There is a limit as to how long you can leave it on the chair looking at you, so tend to do it within a couple of days. Lovely bedding, Egyptian cotton but it creases terribly in the was so needs a lot of pressing. looks and feels gorgeous on the bed though.
I came upstairs to have a bit of a go on the computer, and Vin came to check on the box that we keep in Jane's room with overflow stock up items and treats in it. There are a few Tassimo bags up there with the discs in and he had a look at one pack with Tchai latte discs in and noticed that they were blown. The bag was full of air, so he opened it up and it stunk!! really stunk!! smelled like bad cheese or sour milk and it appeared that the milk discs had a couple of burst ones. There is a free helpline on the pack so he rang that and got through eventually. the chap said it did happen but it was quite rare, and the milk discs were possibly squashed in transit, because there wasn't anything wrong with the batch. they are sending us another pack. Result.
Tonight we are having:
Something out of the freezer,
Any remaining veggies,
baby potatoes boiled and sauteed.


Judy said...

Karmen jumps on the bed only if I am there alone :)) ironing should be banned!

JennyMac said...

Oh our two are Daddy's girls..they both go for him and I am very much a second best. Could be that he feeds them !!