Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I(n Again..

Well we did go out yesterday so we stopped in today. Did the bedding and other bits and bobs. Vin has rung up the vets abnout little Rusty who is ready for another antibiotic jab, and made an appointment for Thursday at 11 O'Clock so it looks like we will go out tomorrow which is fine.
Not a very nice day today, very grey and overcast and has rained off and on. Currently clear, but wet looking.
I caught up a bit online on some of the sites, seeing what was going on and what people were up to. We had to wait in  for deliveries today anyway. One from Aranesp with the injections and the other from Bullens with all my stuff. They are both good firms and come when they say they will, and really reliable. Bullens in particular are excellent. So I'm well stocked up.
Tonight we are having:
Goat's cheese and cranberry escalope
Baby baked potatoes
Choice of vegetables from the fridge
sauce..maybe a bread sauce.

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