Monday, 20 January 2014

Yawn !!

Oh up very early for us this morning. i had an appointment at the renal clinic this morning at 9.30, so to allow time for getting there and the possible traffic that meant we had to leave the house quite early. So it was an alarm and an alarm phone call this morning. The clock worked anyway because vin woke up with that. I don't hear it. \One of the advantages of being deaf I suppose. :) Left the house at aquarter to nine to a really really bright sunlight. In fact it was so bright and in your eyes bright that Vin had to nearly stop the car because he couldn't see in front of him. The car in front had stopped as well and that was a driving instructor!!  So we went really slowly till we got to the bend and the sunshine was the other was. Awful..I have never driven in sunshine like that, very unusual.
We got to Aintree at a quarter past so in plenty of time. vin dropped me off at the front while he went to park the car which can take ages. We have it off to a fine art now.
Went up, registered in and was called in a few minutes, weighed..ok..phew.. sample given blood pressure ok phew, and then wait to see a doc.  Didn't wait very long today and saw a nice Asian lady doc who was really pleasant, I've seen her before and like her. The last chap I saw was horrible, very arrogant, condescending and messed about with my Arranesp injections expecting the District nurses to come and give me them when I have been doing them myself for years!! Stupid man. Well this one was very pleased and said I was doing well, everything stable and go back in six months.
So, we were out really quickly and went off to the M&S like last week. Were in there by about ten thirty!! Had a mooch about, nothing caught our eyes except Vin bought a rather lovely leather notebook in a box for £7.99 which was half price. Beautiful paper with a lovely gold eedge to the paper..
Coffee time. Went into the little cafe part, full of loder generation with coffees and food. Nice life eh!
Got our veggies from there after that, the Vin called in at Maplins on the way back and we were home by a quarter to one. Smashing.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with cheese and mushrooms
green salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes
Potato salad for moi and spinach and pasta salad for Vin.

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