Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A Productive Morning>>>

It was actually quite a productive morning. we had planned to go into Formby to get our veggies for the week, and since we had a voucher for ten pounds off thirty from Waitrose it was always going to be there. So off we went, had a quick skoot round and got everything n our list, Vin added it all up as we went and we got some exctras to make sure like cat food which we always use. He reckoned that the total came to just over which was fine. So, we parked our trolley outside the cafe and went in for our free coffees with our cards. very nice lattes we had too.  Seems that is all everyone goes in there to have these days!
Got our bill after that, and the total was about two pounds over so that was good, including our free paper, and the money off we got a load of shopping for £22. Beautiful sunny day, so Vin left me in the car with the window open, and he went off to Holland and Barratt to get me some Vitamin B12 tablets. The reason for that was because he had a voucher for two pounds off and it had to be used by tomorrow. They were also doing a buy one for a penny offer on my tablets, so he got two packs for £5. Excellent. A day of bargains too. very good!
Tonight we are having:
goats cheese and cranberry escalopes
baby jersey royals
Carrots and broccoli
cranberry sauce and maybe bread sauce.

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