Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Odd Day...

We both woke up early this morning mainly because Bobby was trampling all over Vin and he thought she wanted food. So off he went downstairs to get her some food..but she didn't follow him! Typical!  I got up to go to the bathroom so Vin went down to get our cffee since we were both wide awake.  Then we went back to sleep again!!!
Breakfast, then he went off to Tesco with the coupons and his list.  He said it was quiet today..why is it always quiet when I don't go with him..and the Costa was quiet as well.! Never mind we had a lovely Tassimo cappuccino at home.
Two post deliveries today. One from the Royal Mail and one from TNT. What is going on here..they seem to have their own post people now..very odd. The letter we got from TNT wasa Tesco voucher too!
Bedding done today, lovely clean bed tonight. I love clean sheets, especially the Egyptian cotton ones. Gorgeous.
Toni9ght we are having:
Lemon and black pepper escalope
potato croquettes
mixed vegetables
Hollandaise sauce.

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