Thursday, 3 April 2014

Deja Vu !!

Have we been this way before..yes..Yesterday ! Little bobby has been a bit under the weather for the last couple of days with a wee problem it seems to have been distressing her so Vin rang the vets this morning and got an appointment for twenty to twelve. better than the Doctors eh!Unfortunately it is the same direction that we went yesterday since it is in Ormskirk. So that was our morning.. get ready to go out and get the cat basket out without them seeing it because they run and hide. Nice vet Mr Tim who is getting to know our cats really well since he treats little Rusty mostly. We like him !

He gave bobby a good examination and while he was feeling her bladder she actually had a wee so the girl was able to get a sample which was good actually. turns out it is a sort of cystitis which is what we thought it was, he gave her an anti infammatory and some tablets that Vin has to give her once a dy for a week.  Good luck with that!
Home in nice time for coffee, then lunch later.
Jane rang up just before we had our lunch..said she had been to Tesco's for some stores, and got a Costa coffee on the way out. She said there was a man in the queue who was trying to push in front of her and being grumpy about it, so she said "You can go first if you like" he gave her a scowl got his coffee then went out. Then when she got hers and got in her car there was a car who was trying to get in front of hers. Yep..the grump from the queue. best thing was though, he had driven off with his Coffee cup on top of his car!! bet she enjoyed th

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