Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Revenge of the Wheelie Bins !!

We now are a 3 Wheelie Bin house. We have a grey bin for general rubbish..a Green bin for garden refuse and Now a Brown bin for Cardboard. it's getting all a bit silly. We are a row of little terraced houses some call them cottages!! but I don't. They have a longish garden with a passageway/entry at the back which is now full of Wheelie bins. maybe they are taking over the world?
Off we went to Ormskirk this morning. Vin said before that it had been 15 weeks since we had been there.Couldn't believe that, but when we got there and parked in the car park behind M&S Vin noticed that one of the shops in the centre that has been there for Donkey's years..Taylors had gone. It is now a furniture store with a cafe on one side. Amazing ! taylors has been there for so long.
Vin went into Smiths and i went into Superdrug. Wanted to get some decent plasters there aren't any in the first aid box, only cheapo ones which are useless. What we actually went for were fishless fingers from Holland and Barratt he had rung up before we went to make sure they had some. They did so we got four boxes, and some sausage rolls and a nice long sausage roll for Vin for Friday. All meatfree.
off then to Morrisons for a nice cheap coffee and a biscuit. Proper mugs and very good value. had a little mooch round there afterwards then home by lunchtime.
Tonight we are having:
pasta with a cheese sauce and mushrooms
carrots and broccoli
A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

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