Friday, 25 April 2014


Coupons! Through the post, a week ago, so off we went to Waitrose this morning to get our weekend things. A couple of bonuses  a free newspaper, and a free cup of coffee too. Vin got a voucher for ten pounds off thirty and mine was for ten pounds offr fifty. Goodness knows why the discrepancy, doesn't make sense. Anyway it's a good discount so off we went.
very busy actually though the parking wasn't too bad and we pulled into a space that was just being vacated.  nice shop to go to, but you do have t take into account the fact that everything is dearer, but you can get treats that you don't get anywhere else. Got some lovely cheese biscuits and all of our salad things etc., Vin was adding the total up as we were going round and it soon became apparent that we were easily going over the thirty. Ah well doesn't matter. We got a trolley full and then went for our coffee, both of us having a Latte. very nice too, I usually have a black Americano but this was very well flavoured. Got a good table because it wasn't too busy but did get busier as we sat.  not quite the atmosphere of a Costa but very nice for a free coffee anyway.
 Paid for our goods and the bill came to £39 ish which I thought was quite good for a biggish Waitrose shop.
Vin posted his Sky box off to be recycled this morning..freepost so didn't cost him anything, and hopefully i will post off Ann's birthday parcel tomorrow as well. Am sending her a little notebook with poodles on it, a pair of Murano glass earrings and a T-shirt wioth butterflies on it and 3/4 sleeves. Since it is getting to be their Autumn should be ok, just hope its the right size.
Tonight we are having:
Sausage rolls frozen
jersey Royals sliced and fried
Mixed veggies that we have left over
Something tomatoey.

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